Kafka's Metamorphosis Literary Analysis

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Kafka’s novella “The Metamorphosis” starts with the protagonist, Gregor Samsa turning into a cockroach. The novella critiques modernism and modern was of living. Kafka also talks about issues of alienation that go hand in hand with modern ideals. He makes the reader feel that in modern times we get caught up in what we are doing. Kafka critiques modernism and issues of alienation to light through his novella. Gregor Samsa’s situation plays out very quickly. The story begins with “he found him self changed into a monstrous cockroach in his bed.” (Kafka 1204) In a modern world full of politics and where society is all about money, most of the house holds have a breadwinner. Gregor is considered and showed through the novella as the breadwinner for his family. He even mentions that “he felt considerable pride that he had made such a life possible for his parents and his…show more content…
The door symbolizes his gateway through society, and how he feels about it. After being rejected by it and left alone, he begins to leave the door unlocked. He does this in an attempt to reconnect with society, but also in attempt to connect with his family. He just wants to be accepted by society and his family in his current state. Eventually Gregor begins “[battering the door] shut with the cane” (Kafka 1214). The battered door is a symbol of isolation form the outside world and his family. Kafka’s novella is a critique of modern times and bring issues like alienation to the eyes of the reader. Kafka critiques the modern ideals and how we get caught up in our ways of life. The story dives right in when the protagonist Gregor Samsa transforms into a huge cockroach. Gregor becomes caught up in the daily task of providing for his family. Due to this he becomes alienated in society. Kafka shows us that when we get caught up with society and it’s ideals we often become alienated from the
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