Kai Crupt: A Case Study

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CCIB received a call from Shauna. Her son Kai Crupt (DOB 10/05/11) attended this day care. Shauna reported that this summer her son came home and told his parents that teacher Yolanda pulled his hair. They thought maybe it was an accident. A few weeks again Shauna got off work early and picked up her son (Around 1:30 PM). When she walked in the room, there were several children awake. (Her son was still sleeping). Shauna had to wake up the teacher (Ms. Yolanda) and her son. Ms. Yolanda was on a mat asleep next to the children. The final straw was yesterday. Her husband was giving her son a bath and found a large scratch on the back of his ear. When asked, Kai stated that Ms. Belinda pulled his ear. (Shauna clarified it was Belinda with a B)
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