Kaiser Permanente Case Study

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Kaiser Permanente (KP) strategy as a brand was to make consumers comfortable with their brand and their values through the "Thrive campaign" (Lofgren, D. & Cantu, D., 2010) while the mission statement for the Golden Age Hospital (GAH) and Community Clinic (CC) as the "Golden Bridge, the bridge to good health and wellness" as its own campaign to market the new hospital. Therefore, in order to market "Golden Bridge” is use of online roadmap for healthcare marketers by Steve Letham because he stated that online media plays a special role in promoting its brand by 1. understanding its audience; 2. optimizing the website and 3. creating demand for their brand (Spur Interactive, 2009). Understanding its audience Since there is an explosion of baby boomers in the near future in the Orange County area, GAH advertisement should concentrate on the seniors audiences either by television, magazines, emails or billboards on GAH “Golden Bridge” the bridge to good health and wellness campaign by chronic disease management, great staff with state of the art technology by promoting preventive care by eating healthier and exercising for better health. Optimizing the website As part of the state of the art equipment, GAH should invest on an integrated electronic medical record (EMR) system where staff from the hospital and clinics would have patients medical information at their fingertips such as the KP HealthConnect to access care and patients follow up. Further, patients can

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