Kaiser Permanete: A Personal Narrative Analysis

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Reading your post brought back memories working as a traveler nurse in California at Kaiser Permanete (KP). I believe KP is one of America 's leading nonprofit integrated health plan, well that was what drilled into our head during hospital orientation. One thing that I do remember and experienced for sure was that their main focus was on the health and well-being of its members, in disease prevention and patient education. The KP hospital I worked at was located in West Los Angeles, this particular facility had a primary care office, hospital and even an onsite pharmacy. One thing that as a floor nurse had to do with every patient upon discharge is to bring the patient a computer of wheels and set up their personal health records. This would allow to the patient to print labs, seen follow up appointments, and give them phone numbers if they any questions after discharge.…show more content…
According to Ruud, Johnson, Liesinger, Grafft, and Naessens (2010) a timely follow-up visit to a primary care provider presents a critical opportunity to address the conditions that precipitated the hospitalization, to prepare the patient and family/caregivers for self-care activities, and to prevent unnecessary hospital

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