Kalani Hilliker Research Paper

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Wouldn 't be amazing to be a great Reality TV star?A Fabulous dancer that has won many awards?A fashion designer ,and a model?Along with dealing with crazy moms,competitive competitions,and training with the crazy Abby Lee Miller herself! It would be crazy,fun, but lots of hard work.However,16 year old Kalani Hilliker has it all! [Famous] She should win Junior Dancer of the Year.
One reason she should win is that she is Abby Lee Miller 's Favorite.It 's very hard to be her favorite.Abby Lee Miller knew her before the show started,she wanted her to dance for her![]Abby usually only gives contemporary solos to her.Because they are more advanced.Abby also has said she is very flexible.Abby does not compliment often.
Kalani Hilliker is very popular.She has 140,000 followers on Twitter!She also has 4 Million followers on Instagram.[] It is a great honor to be nominated for 2016 Teen Choice
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Some People think Maddie Ziegler is a better dancer,and deserves the award.Maddie Ziegler has great Technique.She also acts very good when she dances.She has very good turns.She has been there longer. However Kalani Hilliker Deserves it.She has better technique.Maddie has also quit the ALDC.She definitely does not train or dance as much.However Kalani has completely devoted herself to dance.Maddie has lost her intrest in dancing.She is acting now, and does not dance much.Kalani is still working hard.
Kalani Hilliker should win Junior Dancer of the year.She has great technique ,and is Abby Lee Millers favorite.She is a very popular dancer.She would be very honored to win Junior Dancer of the
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