Kali Jo Arnzen Analysis

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On the 29th of December in 2011 Kali Jo Arnzen, a regular high school going 17 year old teenage girl was ice skating in the area between Ritter and the bank when she heard ice break. The manner in which this young girl reacted to the situation at hand is what would classify her as a true hero. In this essay the circumstances of the heroic act that won Kali Jo Arnzen an award by the Carnegie Hero Fund then will be described. Following this reasons why she possibly could have helped and what made her assume responsibility will be discussed. Possible costs and benefits will also be listed. An evaluation of whether or not the heroes act was altruistic will also be put forward. Throughout the essay there will be reference to social psychological…show more content…
Disadvantages may be the fact that the hero is not able to save a person’s life either because they lack the skills the equipment or don’t make it in time. Either way when a person tries to save someone’s life but fails it will stay with them for a while after the event. Another disadvantage would be if the hero got injured somehow while trying to save the person in trouble and the injury were permanent they will always have this injury even though they were just trying to help and weren’t initially involved in the situation. This could lead to the hero becoming bitter and withdrawn this would in turn psychologically affect their life and the way they view the world. An advantage to being a hero would have to be the fact that you were able to save someones life the fact that you stepped up in their time of need even though you did not have to. Psychologically, heroes may have a feeling of pride and achievement in themselves, along with knowing you did a great thing. (Tomasulo, D. (1995). Are You a Hero in Waiting, psych central. retrieved from:

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