Kalibo Island Paradise

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Kalibo… The Island Paradise

When you decided to travel and have a pleasurable trip in Asia, try out this province located at the northwest of Panay Island in the Philippines called Kalibo Aklan. A first class municipality located in the Western Vizayas region, Kalibo is hailed as the “International Tourism Gateway” in the Vizayas. This Island paradise is very famous because of the influx of tourists that are visiting Boracay Island mostly at its peak during the month of January, in time for the Ati-Atihan Festival, a feast of celebration of the famous Sto. Nino (Holy Infant Jesus).
How to get here? Well, an air travel from Manila to Kalibo is about 45 minutes on a daily flight schedule. There are four domestic airlines that are travelling
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Ati-Atihan Festival: The Ati-Atihan, also dubbed as the “Mother of all Festivals in the Philippines”, is celebrated to glorify and honor Sto. Nino (Holy Infant Jesus). This festival consists of different programs and activities that lasts for a week. The highlights of this festival are the street dancing where you can see a lot of people, in groups or individually, dancing and dressed in creative, colorful, bizarre costumes, faces covered in multi-colored paints and body in black. Chanting, swaying and shouting in the rhythm of drums and music. This festival is also a resemblance of the Mardi Gras Festival in Rio de Janeiro. It is indeed one of the joyous and exciting part of the event, so don’t miss out! Boracay Island: This island paradise receives numerous awards for its natural beauty from different travel publications and agencies here and abroad. The clean and clear waters, white sands and different activities and nightlife are one of the best features of this island. Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, scuba diving, snorkeling are some of the leisure activities you can do when you are here (and there’s a lot more, so brace yourself for a lot of fun and activities this island paradise can offer you!) Dragon Boat races are also held here where teams from the Philippines and other Asian nations compete, usually in the month of April or May. You can also visit the Bakhawan Eco-Park and Research Center, where you can see beautiful mangrove forests,…show more content…
Kalibo has a lot of food offerings to share with the travelers, from fresh seafoods, to lechon (roasted pig), Chicken Binakol (native chicken cooked inside a bamboo), Inubarang Manok (chicken cooked in coconut milk, banana stalk and lemongrass) and Inday Inday (a very simple but yummy dessert made of sticky rice flour, cooked in hot water and topped with bucayo or gelatinous coconut meat simmered in coconut milk, brown sugar and water). You might also want to try their latik, eangkuga, siopao (steamed buns) and piaya (flat, unleavened bread filled with brown sugar and glucose syrup). Every food found in this place is a must try for all.
Nightlife. Like any other places, the nightlife in Kalibo is also grandeur and amazing, most especially in the Boracay island where people are partying all throughout the wee hours of the day. Bars and restaurants are open from 5:00 pm onwards, you can drink, dance, dine to your heart 's full content. You can go partying at Station 1, 2 or 3, the choice is yours.
Kalibo is indeed a fun and beautiful paradise to add into your tourist destination. Explore and discover more, enjoy and let yourself feel the sun, water and activities this island has to

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