Situation Analysis: Kaluyu Memorial Hospital

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Kaluyu Memorial Hospital: Situational Analysis
Kaluyu Memorial Hospital is a for-profit healthcare facility designed to treat trauma due to accidents, communicable diseases and HIV and AIDS. These types of services require attentive care and time from motivated medical professionals. In order for Kaluyu Memorial Hospital to become effective, the employees must be self-motivated. There should also be a cohesiveness among all staff members and encourage interdepartmental communication. Without that, Kaluyu Hospital is doing a disservice to its patients and staff. To effectively identify the major demotivating factors at Kaluyu Memorial Hospital, it is important to first highlight the problems that the employees face.
The most obvious problem
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The very concept of motivation is a vast one, but in psychology, it is still not well clarified. Motivation cannot be directly observed and measured and is derived from changes in human behavior over time. Motivation, defined as "all the inner driving forces of man, including desires, drives and efforts and can also be called the inner state of the person who activates or moves it and includes effort, perseverance, and aims”. Motivation is an essential prerequisite for successful management; the desire of man to exercise power. Existing performance is also what managers can evaluate if they want to recognize the wishes and ambitions of the worker (Crossan et al., 1999). If work performance is unsatisfactory, it may be lack of motivation. There is however other factors, such as lack of advancement opportunities. Herzberg's theory of two factors, which is sometimes called Herzberg's two-factor theory, is one of the most important theories of motivation, appropriately complementing Maslow's pyramid. F. Herzberg formulated this particular approach in 1959. According to Herzberg, two fundamental factors can be labeled as the principal sources of motivation and motivation for employees. There are hygienic factors, such as those that cause job discontent such as working conditions, interpersonal relationships, and job…show more content…
Ineffective communication can lead to improper diagnosis and delayed or improper medical treatment. (Health and Human Services, 2015). The communication system that would improve the situation in the Kaluyu Memorial Hospital should place the focus on teamwork. It is essential to work on the improvement of the cooperation between departments. Employees depend on the efforts of others to succeed. , There should be collaboration, not only on a personal level but also in the workplace and on the professional level. Collaboration is very important for the teamwork atmosphere in the organization and its

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