Kam Yager Research Paper

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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Kam Yarger. Kam Yager is my mother.My mothers birthday is on 11/1/75. My mother was born at the Wood County Hospital In Bowling Green OHIO. My mother 's parents are Betty and Tay Yarger. My mother has two younger siblings one of them is Tad Yarger and the other one is Curt Yager. My mother has lived in three cities in OHIO she has lived in Bowling Green, Rudolph, and Weston. My mother is done with school. In elementary she went to kenwood then she went to the middle school and then the high school in Bowling Green Then in college she went to Owen Community College. My mother look just like me sometimes people ask if my mom and I are sisters because we look just like each other. My mom has brown hair that is really curly and she always has it pulled it up. When my mom was a kid she went to florida. My mom liked that she got to go to florida because she grew up not having much or going anywhere and going out of OHIO and traveling was fun for her because she did not really get to do that when she got older. My mom had some hard times her hard times were when she was working full time from 8:30 to 5:00 and alsh when she was going to college three times a week. She also had a really hard time when she had to go to work and school at the same…show more content…
My mom 's family is kind of small She has her mom named Betty and her dad named Tay AND also has two other brothers one is named Tad and the other one is named Curt She also had my dad named Roger and she has me and she has my two other brothers the on is named Easton and the other one is named Landon. When my mom was younger she has been to Florida several times, Alabama to visit family, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan at Boyne to go snow skiing and also she went on a disney cruise with my dad and me and my brother Easton My other brother Landon was not born yet We went on that cruise seven years ago. My mom 's favorite place that she went to was to Michigan to go snow
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