Kamala And Siddhartha Comparison

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Siddhartha and Kamala are similar in the way that they both know how to separate and distance themselves from the material world. They know how to not be part of the world. Kamala, in a sense, is one of Siddhartha’s primary teachers in his journey. Siddhartha also states in the story: “ It might very well so,’ said Siddhartha tiredly. ‘ I am like you. You also do not love - how else could you practice love as a craft? Perhaps, people of our kind can't love.The childlike people can; that’s their secret” (Hesse 50). Kamala and Siddhartha are different because, Kamala wants to follow Buddha and learn from his teachings, while siddhartha is finding his own path and believes that he will find enlightenment by finding himself. Kamala also
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One example is shown on page 5 of the book Siddhartha; it states, “ But Siddhartha himself was not happy… the vessel was not full, his intellect was not satisfied, his soul was not at peace, his heart was not still”(Hesse). Siddhartha is contemplating his life, and unsatisfied how it turned out so far, and he begins to start searching for the meaning and purpose of his life. This is a call to adventure because he is getting bored of his current life, he begins to search a new way of life, and for enlightenment. This is the beginning of his hero’s journey. Another example from the book states, “He realized that he was no longer a youth; he was now a man. He realized that something had left him, like the old skin that a snake sheds. Something was no longer in him, something that had accompanied him right through his youth and was part of him: this was the desire to have teachers and to listen to their teachings” ( Hesse 37). This shows Siddhartha’s departure to the unknown world and his old way of learning. This is Siddhartha’s first of many awakenings that Siddhartha goes through in the story. This is also his departure from following the Samanas and from Govinda, and starting on the new path. He’s a hero to many because he learned that in order to truly learn and obtain something, you have to find yourself first and go your own way to truly make the truth your
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