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. She was not a ordinary woman as she broke all the norms and bondages and rules of the patriarchal Indian society. She openly talked about sex and her extra marital affairs, for her nothing is immoral. If an act provides you happiness then everything is valid. Kamala das as a writer is quite rebellious and bold. Her work represents the boldness of her personality. She stood against the so called society and was quite determined to break all the norms and customs of the society.
My Story is quest to find the true identity, and meaning of life. This is the first Indian book which talked about sexuality and sexual desires of a woman in Indian society. In Indian society the topic of sex is not a thing to be discussed openly even today. When this book was first published it created shock waves in Malayali community. Kamala das’s father was a very influential man. He tried to stop the publication of the book but the publisher knew the value of the book and was quite determined to publish this book at any cost.
My Story was banned in society and females were not allowed to read it as it can corrupt
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Her husband’s aggressive nature made her immune towards his act of so called love. The novel introduces the awareness of the role of each and every individual in the society. She demands through her novel to change the past patriarchal society which has always dominated the women of the society. She showed how the discrimination against women has been prevalent in the society. This shows that how the women are represented by the male writers in their writings by keeping male models in the centre of their narration. She tried to show the reality of the suffering of the women who are longing for freedom. Kamala showed herself in true colours and forms. She suffered the inner conflict as she was unable to explore her abilities to protest against the prevalent patriarchal

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