Kamala Das's My Story Analysis

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This paper is a study of the treatment of marriage and sex in KamlaDas’s much controversial noted autobiography My Story. Kamala Das originally born as MadahviKuttywas one of the most eminent Indian English Poet and woman writer to have set foot on the stage of Indian English writing. Hailing from Kerala, Kamala Das is just not a name held with reverence there, but a name which every woman writer of today is familiar with. Having written number of poems both in Malayalam and in English, Das is often considered one such woman writer whose expressions are lucid and writing is full of vigor. Owing to her free and open treatment of many an institutions of the typical Indiansociety like marriage and sex, she etched her space in her generation just like an iconoclast. Not abusive but honest and straight her opinions infused with power have paved their way in putting up an altogether different picture of the female sexuality and sensibility. Voicing her stand on constructed identity of the male counterpart (woman) and her desire for freedom from such construction, this paper focuses on her writing of her much controversial work My Story – an autobiography written in the most straightforward manner with all honesty and sincerity,exploring the female imagination and putting it on platter for a woman to realize her true identity and for the man to question his.
Keywords: Marriage,sex,identity, freedom, tradition,Indian English writing, womanhood, women writing.


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