Kamehameha Leadership Style

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Thousands of years ago, there was a man, with no chosen future on the island of Hawai’i. His name was Kamehameha. He was adopted and raised by his uncle, Kalaniopu’u and trainer, Kekuhaupi’o who taught him basic warfare which made Kamehameha want to seek the journey and adventure of being a warrior. Later, after most islands were fought over, Kamehameha became the first King ever to rule all Hawaiian islands. Kamehameha was an effective leader because he was fearless, intelligent, and hardworking. Kamehameha was an effective leader because he was fearless. Kamehameha will do any crazy thing to protect his people of Hawai’i. He traveled on dangerous waters to look after his people on other islands throughout Hawai’i which can be highly dangerous when the waves are high and strong, but Kamehameha would find out a way to have a safe trip out…show more content…
Kamehameha will use his smart brain and will think of different, creative ways to help the hawaiian community. He uses his skills to get what he need like food and supplies. For example, Kamehameha made foreigners pay a port fee to enter these islands so that when the foreigners visit to trade, they will have to donate some materials and resources to the island. These port fees can include animals, spices, crafting resources, and more. Being intelligent has stayed the same after the unification. Kamehameha was also an effective leader because he was hard working. Kamehameha has helped Hawai’i a lot in many ways but he has also helped rebuild war-torn land to make the community safe and back to normal. He will also go to the taro patch and go deep in the mud to grow taro for more food. Kamehameha will always go public and have someone work for what’s right. This action has changed after the unification because Kamehameha did not physically work in the public when he was a warrior. This change is good because everyone in the community can rely and count on
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