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With the gluttony of genre films out there, the zombie genre has reached a point of oversaturation that some might find off-putting the amount of content flooding the market. From comic books to TV shows and endless films released every year, there 's a point where this subgenre can be said to be overwhelming such that when something new and original comes out it 's like a breath of fresh air and that applies to Shin 'ichirô Ueda 's newest zombie comedy Kamera o tomeru na!, or released internationally as 'One Cut of the Dead. '

Attempting to film a new zombie movie, maverick director Takeyuki Higurashi (Takayuki Hamatsu) grows frustrated by the overall lack of professionalism in his cast and storms off, leaving his wife Nao, (Harumi Syuhama)
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The lead, Takeyuki Higurashi, played by Takayuki Hamatsu, is a rather likeable presence. The tyrannical nature of his character during the movie-within-the-movie is downplayed in favor of a more laidback and thoughtful persona during the behind-the-scenes work. As we get the reasoning why with the backstory, the change is still fun to witness first-hand in a stellar performance. The other big standout performance here is Nao played by Harumi Syuhama as his retired-actress wife who now works as the makeup artist on the shoot who gets involved in the film through rather dubious means. The difference between her sweet motherly duties and the more tyrannical she becomes in the role allows for a nice change that gives her a rather impressive attribute here. The lead in the film, Chinatsu, played by Yuzuki Akiyama is another likable figure here with the sweet and innocent demeanor portrayed in both sections of the film and does well when thrust into the more action-oriented parts of the story. Despite being the shy wallflower that never speaks up in the first half is part and parcel to the first-half and makes for a somewhat bland opening, she comes through and manages to serve as a worthwhile figure to follow. Everyone else serves solid enough roles and never really makes an impression either

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