Kameron Case Summary

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Reason case was accepted for Assessment: On 4/2/17, Hennepin County Child Protection accepted a report of alleged neglect and failure to ensure education of Kameron by his mother, Tiffany Dykes. Per reporter Kameron had 22 unexcused absences from school. Per reporter a principal letter was sent on 11-11-16. Outcome of the assessment: Kameron was interviewed at home (1405 21 St Ave North apt 1 Minneapolis, MN) Kameron is in a 3rd grade in Sheridan Global Art and Communication school. This worker asked Kameron the reason he was missing school. Kameron reported that he missed school due to feeling sick or sometimes will be missing the school bus. He reported that he does not take bus to school and instead his mother takes him to school everyday.…show more content…
He reported that he likes going to school and he is in an honorable program. He reported that he lives with his mother and his two brothers. He reported that his uncle stays with them while his mother at work. He was asked about the reason Kameron missed school and he denied Kameron missing school. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don 't know." This worker asked Jaylen about his school attendance and he stated that he attends school regularly. He reported that he has not missed school. He reported that he is at home today due to spring break. This worker asked about discipline techniques used by his mother or other grownups at home. He reported that his mother will remind him verbally to follow direction. He stated this is the same discipline for his brothers as well. Jaylen stated his mother, Tiffany ensures that their basic needs are met and denied having any worries or concerns. Anthony: This worker interviewed Anthony at home (1405 21st Avenue N apt 1 Minneapolis, MN) Anthony reported that he is enrolled full time online learning school. He stated that he will be transferring to a nearby school MNIC. He reported that he will be starting after spring
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