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Kamon crests were Japanese heraldic crest ("Japanese Family Crest"). Most medieval japan had meaning behind their designs and uses. Through there are many articles that will be explored; firstly, the history behind Kamon crest will be discussed. In addition, in the essay there will be descriptions, comparison and contrast of different kinds of Kaman in medieval Japan, as well as two specific Kamon. Moreover, the importance of Kamon designs then will be included in the essay. Likewise, the value of Kamon crests to Japanese culture and modern day and what they were trying to communicate will also be discussed in the essay.
The history behind Kamon crest and uses:
Kamon crests had a long history. In Japan every family had a Kamon
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The Fuji Kamon’s background is the symbol of the wisteria plant. However, the Kiri Kamon the foreground is the symbol, which is a paulownia plant. In addition, the Fuji Kamon is concentrated around the perimeter of the crest and the Kiri is in the middle of the crest. They both have a difference in meaning the Fuji Kamon represent beauty, elegance, and long lifespan ("Japanese Family Crest"). This is because the families hoped they would receive beauty, elegance, and long lifespan. It spread extremely quickly, and it was directly for the Fujiwara clan, the most powerful of all the Japanese noble families. Therefore, the other families would want it so possibly it would bless them with long lifespan, and beauty so that they could also be powerful in Japan. On the other hand, Kiri Kamon represents good luck ("Kamon"). This is because the families hoped they would receive good luck. As In the Edo period Toyotomi Hideyoshi used it, he was a poor peasant who then became a super ruler of Japan. Therefore people used it because they wished that the Kamon would bless then into because a super ruler and go from being a poor to a super ruler.
Similarities of two specific Kamon designs: There are many similarities between the Fuji and Kiri Kamon. Firstly, both of them have the main idea of the Kamon is about a plant. Also, they both have similar movement, as at the first look at the Kamon the first object seen is the plant at
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However, it was important to have it at the start because it resembled their family ("What Is Kamon?"). As before modernization people were not allowed to have family names so they has to use the Kamon to represent their family name. Mon is that there are symbols of temples, clans, guilds and similar groups of people ("Japanese Family Crest"). Mon first appeared by the 12th century as patterns on flags and uniforms in battles, but their wider use followed the moods of class and social custom ("What Is Kamon?").
The value of Kamon crests to modern day: Kamon is very valuable in modern day because it is used to represent different companies of clothing, food, and business ("Joyous Kamon"). In addition, it is used to represent trademark. Such as, Katabmi has three heart shapes that are associated with love ("Joyous Kamon"). Also, many sushi restaurants use taka no ha incorporated in their logo ("What Is
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