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Kanazawa is a small capital city in Japan which is known for the Kenroku-en, a 17th century castle garden boasting of history and magnificence. Despite the fact that it covers just a small fraction of Japan's expansive land coverage, Kanazawa is more than just a miniscule area, thus it is home to several samurai and geisha districts which is pure Japanese in nature. (3)And though not as advanced as other Japanese states, Kanazawa is definitely worthy of your visit as you'd surely love some of its hidden waterfalls and calm rivers, the always hospitable citizens to make your stay even more memorable and the wide array of public markets and museums that would tap its very own roots. Kanazawa is brimming with vintage and ancient life, and if…show more content…
Classified to be under the temperate climate type, it generally rains in the town making their mean temperature a little bit lower than the rest of Tokyo. The sunniest month belongs to May with an average of 202.3 sunshine hours per annum and the rainiest month can be attributed to December with an expectation of 11.11 inches of accumulated precipitation. (6)In an annual scale, the temperature for the whole of Kanazawa is at 38.5-degrees Celsius as the hottest while the most frigid is at -9.7-degrees Celsius. The snow season would kick in on December and can stretch as far as March with a whopping 43.9 inches of snow accumulated as an average for four months.
(7)Like other remote cities and islands in Japan, Kanazawa doesn’t have an airport of its own and yet, travelers from Tokyo can easily reach this town with several options using land. The capital city of Tokyo is two hours away from Kanazawa and so the best way for a tourist to reach to and back would have to be via rail travel. Currently being served by the JR West Hokuriku Main Line and the Hokuriku Railroad, Kanazawa won't give you so much pain as public commute is a daily feat. There's a nearby Komatsu Airport which would connect you to other major cities in Japan as well as Shanghai, Taipei and
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You'd also savor the fresh smell of sashimi and other fish products being sold here and watch the daily lives of Kanazawa locals as they haggle for things they'd need within the day. Taste what Kanazawa can offer through the wide array of newly-caught meats and seafood and never regret spending more on these valuable items.
Shinise Kinenkan (9)More on souvenir shopping, the Shinise Kinenkan is a dwelling for you to get your hands on local products and handicrafts sold at very reasonable prices. You'd be immersed in locally-induced shops that sell anything from candies and chocolates, to pastries and miniature geisha statues. You'd also find it enjoyable to lay your eyes on several samurai items being sold on this complex and have the ability to know which ones are legitimate and

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