Kaneland High School Narrative

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"Line up everyone!" Mrs. Rogers, my 5th grade teacher, told my class after the announcments. We followed her instructions and did so. In the second floor of Kaneland Blackberry Creek Elementary School, Mrs. Rogers's class, Mrs.Riley's class, and Miss Owen's class were all lined up ready to go downstairs to the busses. Once all the classes got quiet we walked doen the hallways and outside! "Ohh, I am just so excited!" I spoke to Olivia and Sarah.
As my class stepped onto the bus we found our friends and sat down. We waited for the other class and then off we went! "Welcome to Blackberry in Kanela..." My class and half of Mrs.Rileys' class sang on the way to Le-Roy Oaks.
Once we arived at the Forest Preserve we stood up and
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