Kangaroo Gets A Pouch Analysis

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The story “Kangaroo gets a pouch” has a lot of similarities with the story “Kangaroo”. Like how they're both about kangaroos and how they both face a problem and a solution in their stories. Also they give some facts on kangaroos. In “Kangaroo Gets a Pouch” it talk about facts on kangaroos like how they have long strong legs for hopping and jumping just like “Kangaroos”.The text states,”Grab onto my tail and we will look together” . What they're trying to say it that they have really long and strong tails.(kangaroo gets a pouch pg.1).Also the text states,”As soon as the wombat grabbed her tail, joey raced by and hopped right over him”(Kangaroo gets a pouch pg.1).What there trying to say it's that he has really strong legs. FInally in each

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