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I have been to many Kansas State events over the past year and a half that I have been here. And, all of them have contributed to my success here at K-State. However, there is one in particular that really touched. It was Conversation Café: Looking at our Community. This was conversation about all sort of problems happing on our community, but it mostly about the racial issues that were currently happening. That conversation was something that really challenged me look past what I was used to, and changed my view on discussing hard topics. It also helped me through me classes here at K-State. Overall, this was a conversation that I will not forget. During, the conversation we talked about many things. Things like racism to police and if they abuse their power. The conversation was divide into fairly small groups, which provided comfort to everyone, and ensured that we would feel safe to talk. I think that throughout the whole discussion people were being so genuinely nice, and respectful. There was absolutely no harsh words beings said to one another, and everyone was willing to listen to anyone that wished to speak. Coming into the conversation I expected the opposite, because of the internet, and social media. Online people become different, they state their opinion, which is fine, but sometimes it puts others down, and can be rude. However, during face to face conversations no one or very few are that bold. Something that this conversation taught me is that it is…show more content…
I learned so much about having hard conversation, and being respectful too. I know now that even if you don’t agree with someone, you can still be respectful to them, as they should be to you as well. This conversation taught me how to communicate with others even if the topic is hard to talk about. I know that this conversation will continue to contribute to my success here at K-state, and through

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