Kant Categorical Imperative Analysis

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Q.2 How and why does Rachels modify Kants categorical imperative? Are there any problems with this modification?

Immanuel Kant uses the categorical imperative as a means of living. Imperative meaning a command and categorical meaning a necessary in itself with reference to nothing else , defines it as something which is mandatory to do or follow in all situations. An example would be if a thief broke into your house and demanded you to tell him where your most prized jewels are, acoording to kant and the categorical imperative, you must tell the thief the truth, you cannot lie as it breaks the moral rule “thou shalt not lie.” Even though you wish to keep the jewels, it is your moral responsibility to tell the truth at all times due to this rule.
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He believed in absolute rules. If you followed a rule you had to follow it completely. To never lie even if you could save a life, to never steal, even though you are dying due to starvation, to never kill, even in self defense. These are all universal laws that the world must follow everyday. Another example used is that of an inquring murderer. A murderer asks a mother where her children are so he can kill them. According to Kant, even though this would result in a evil deed, the mother must in fact tell him where they are to follow to rule of not lying. If the woman was to lie , in Kants opinion, she would be following the rule that it is okay to lie universally. Which is not possible as a human rule because it is self –defeating so you should not lie. (Idib p.144) Universal rules are absolute to
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