Kant Discrimination Against Doctors

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Discrimination against patients by physicians is well known. In recent years, we have seen a rise in physicians rejecting patients of sexual orientation, disabilities, patient's unwillingness to vaccinate, particular race, and religious views. Discrimination against patients is a real issue that needs to be addressed and ended. Most of these rejections are solely dependent of the physician's conscience and beliefs. Despite these beliefs of the physician, patients are left feeling discriminated against and feel unworthy of healthcare. Physicians go into this career to care for patients and they should go into this career willing to take care of patients of other gender identities, race, and other religious beliefs other than their own.…show more content…
We can do this by using the three formulations of the categorical imperative. On the other hand, Kant is always looking out for the good of others. He stresses the “do good” diagram and bases his whole hypothesis on this one claim. Kant would say that if a physician was to deny a patient's service because they are African American would say that this is morally wrong, because it makes the patient feel discriminated against. I would say, the only exception Kant would have for a physician denying a patient is that the doctor thinks the patient is unable to comprehend the treatment. Kant believes that telling certain patients that are mentally disabled or are minors are underprivileged and it isn't fair for them. That is one loophole in Kant's view, which would allow a physician to discriminate against a…show more content…
As with all problems, there are. First, since the main problem is, is that physicians are breaking these laws already set in place. First, I would suggest that more law enforcement be placed in these facilities, especially private practices. Second, I would educate patients more on their rights. The main focus here would be to make patients aware of the laws that are set in place that allow them to care. Also, letting them know that if a patient denies them care or provides them less care than other patients. Another problem we are faced with is the fact that if we argue that patients have rights, then we also must look at the rights of the physician. That is why all of these laws have come about, because basically the patient is putting their lives in the hands of the physician. The physician has decided to go into this career and this career is for human service. So, in everyday life, yes, a physician has just as many rights as the patient. But, in the healthcare setting, the physician is in charge of their patients’ health. The main goal of a physician should be to care for your patient regardless of background. Thirdly, after patients have been informed of their rights, they need to speak out and let others know their experience. Make legality step in and get patients their rights to care. All individuals
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