Kantian Abortion Moral Theory

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Abortion is a Moral Problem (Kantian Moral Theory) In today’s society, there is a vast amount of grey area when it comes to moral issues and what people believe in. While many people do not see eye to eye on quite a few moral issues, one nearly everyone will agree on is that killing someone (expect for maybe on the grounds of self-defense) is morally wrong. This being said, abortions then are morally wrong and should not be permissible. German philosopher Immaneul Kant came up with what its now known as Kantian moral theory and within this theory is that of the Universal Law Formulation and Humanity Formulation. Applying the Kantian moral theory one will see how killing a fetus is not only the killing of an innocent life but it is also treating someone as just a mean instead of an end. Every person in this world was a fetus at one point, growing and learning to survive inside of their mother’s womb. If a study was conducted to question each person in this world, it would be reasonable to believe that each of us living today would now be opposed to being aborted as a fetus. So even if one would believe that having an abortion is morally permissible, it is not possible for them to see a world where everyone would be alright with being aborted as a fetus, thus abortion then fails the Universal Law Formulation (Gensler, 89). With this scenario, it is unfeasible to say to oneself that they would have been okay with being aborted. None of the opportunities, experiences, or

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