Kantian Ethical Dilemma Summary

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After all the reading and carefully thinking about what Mr. Lasken had requested from his physician it left me with the decision that Dr. Brody should not grant Mr. Lasken request to help end his life. In my discussion, I spoke about the Kantian Ethics and how it applies to the dilemma Dr. Brody was up against. To help end someone’s life purposely, regardless of their involvement, should not be done in the hands of someone else nor should anyone be placed in that situation. I considered both views, and found no favor into helping Mr. Lasken end his life and would be wrong on Dr. Brody behalf.
As a physician you are sworn in by Hippocratic Oath and under that you are required in doing right by the patients; make sure all possible attempts
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“Kantian Ethics can help us determine what we must not do; but how are we to decide what we should do.” (p16)
There are strong views to why some individuals agree and disagree on Dr. Brody dilemma, and personally I believe its how you as a individual view the situation along with your beliefs. In todays world doctors are placed everyday situations to where they are forced to make the right ethical decision possible for the patient. Some might view it as been wrong and others might see it been perfectly okay. And reading others post on this dilemma with Dr. Brody did help me understand why others seen it been okay to help end Mr. Lasken life and did not view it as a wrong action.
As individuals we have different opinions and beliefs, and would handle situations differently however, I still stand on what I believe would be wrong in this situation. Mr. Lasken does have rights and choices he can make when it comes to ending his life. There are other options to consider, and should be done. Dr. Brody job is to provide all options possible, keep patients comfortable and alieve during an terminal illness, and death in this situation can be prevented in this
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