Kantian Theory Of Prostitution Essay

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Prostitution: The Legitimacy of the Government to Limit Private Act of Citizens
The Hart-Devlin debate is one of the most heated debates concerning the regulation of morality. It is always hard to determine how far the government can put limits on the citizens’ private actions. I hope to illustrate my stance by considering the case of prostitution. Prostitution is the “practice or occupation of [providing sexual services] for payment.” This essay will only focus on women prostitution as it is more prevalent. I would first examine the issue from the Kantian perspective. Then, I would combine the Kantian theory with one of the two objection theories, namely the fairness objection, mentioned by Michael Sandel, to support
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He thought that human beings, as moral agents, should be capable of making rational choices. Women working as prostitutes often cannot act autonomously. They often enter this field because they are coerced, either financially or physically, they are left with no choice. Moreover, prostitutes cannot reject their clients’ request; this also implies that they are not autonomous. It suggests that prostitution cannot promote autonomy of women over their sexuality. Women’s autonomy over sexuality can only be recognized when “people’s sexuality remains market-inalienable.” Therefore, Kant would agree that prostitution is…show more content…
Kant contended that “ethical obligations are based on external moral principles that are absolute, invariable and do not allow for exceptions or extenuating circumstances.” Many would find this idea very unacceptable because nothing shall be absolute, there should always be exceptions, if they can be justified. Regarding the use of humans as mere means to an end, there is one comparatively acceptable exception. Throughout history, there have been endless wars between and within nations; soldiers were often forced to join the army as it was compulsory for all healthy male to join the crusade in most countries. Many sacrificed their lives in these numerous wars, but they were often regarded as heroes. They sacrificed their lives to bring about nation uprising. Most people think that their sacrifice is
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