Kant's Commitment To Metaphysics Of Morality Analysis

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In the journal Kant's Commitment to Metaphysics of Morals Theunissen analyzes the work of Kant explaining how Metaphysics of Morals is an important part of human’s own minds pertaining to their own morals and gives insights of other Kantians views of Kant’s moral theory. He also gives his own critique and the input of other Kantian writers claims and views compared to Kant’s own. Theunissen interpreted Kant’s view of Metaphysics of Morals as a term regarding one of the many parts of philosophy. This part is made up of two sides, one being purity of an individual’s beliefs and morals while the other being purity of reason through their own artificial truth. He (Kant) believes that reason is made from prior knowledge and experiences from different categories that give a kind of structure to kinds of actions or anything an individual may encounter in their own lives.…show more content…
The author uses the works and views of current Kantians, Barbara Herman, Allen Wood, and Christine Korsgaard to connect to Kant’s work in different ways. He used Herman’s work and her ‘Middle Theory’ and how she uses Kant’s work of moral principles and virtue ethical considerations of
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