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There’s no denying that the influence Kanye West injected into our lives is one of the strongest that we have received from a pop star royalty. Sometimes, we would settle by letting these mainstream artists be the dominatrices of our iPod playlists, but anything more than that would seem quite excessive. However, Kanye West’s magic in penetrating into our lives as deep as he could had been effective so far, and not only we hear him sing through our headsets, we can also wear him through our fashion. It’s not a hidden fact that Kanye West also ventured out into fashion retail and merchandise, and whilst we don’t patronize him that much in the beginning, we are now all hooked to every piece of garment his company release every now and then.…show more content…
With people now being able to skim through the retail line, it is quite expected that The Life of Pablo would garner better sales and revenue. Some of the locations by where The Life of Pablo pop-up stores will appear includes Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Amsterdam, London, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and Miami. Aside from taking over the whole of United States, Kanye West also put forth a Cape Town pop-up to reach fellow fashionistas in the African region. The continents of Asia, Europe and Australia are well represented by some of the cities aforementioned, and the singer-producer vowed to deliver more stores in the near future. The idea of having pop-up stores spawned from the success of his New York City venture last March, which obviously harnessed a lot of buyers and inspired small-scale entrepreneurs. In this NYC pop-up store alone, it was reported that Kanye West managed to have sold a whopping total of $1 million in sales in just under two days of selling. Aside from the pop-up store openings, West also shared on Twitter that he will be participating on September 7 at the New York Fashion Week for his Yeezy Season 4

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