Kanye West's Influence On Hip Hop Culture

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Anthony Cunningham Cunningham 1 Honors English 9 Ms. Stooksbury 2 March 2016 It wasn’t Easy for Yeezy Is there a limit on greatness? Can you start from nothing and still build everything? Kanye West started from almost nothing, and built an empire. A gargantuan nation. An empire that will go down in history. Kanye West, descendant from the notorious south side of Chicago, sprouted from very little conveniences. But, what West created from very little, is what is incredible. Kanye West, detail oriented and self confident, didn’t and couldn’t stop until he was on top of the totem pole. And top of the totem pole he is. Kanye West’s music production, fashion design, and outspoken or winning mentality, changed pop and hip hop culture tremendously. Not only did he change it, he set the bar that many other artists strive to reach. Kanye’s influence has played one of the biggest parts in not only hip hop, but in a great deal of the music culture altogether. Kanye West was born in Atlanta, Georgia on June 8, 1977. Kanye West’s mother and father divorced when he was only three years old. “He was raised on Chicago 's South Side by his mother, an English professor, and spent summers with his father,…show more content…
What West is doing with music production is impeccable. “Kanye remains popular because he is truly one of the best rappers of all time. His music resonates.” (Tamara Conniff, Mini Bio- Kanye West, biography.com ). Kanye West’s music has set the basis for hip hop and R&B for a decade now. “Speaking of hip-hop, with 21 awards, Kanye West is the rapper who counts the most Grammys.”(Alex Frank, The Biggest Hauls in Grammy History, vogue.com). The Grammys, known to many as the most prestigious award given to artists, are clearly very important. To receive 21 Grammy awards, is very impressive, and unheard of. But, Kanye’s music isn’t just his music, it’s seen through all of hip
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