Kappa Gamma Fraternity: Case Study

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According to Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Bylaws, Article XVI., Section 2., “An association voting to disband shall give three months notice in writing of such intention to the District Director and Alumna Relations Specialist. At the end of this period, provided the request to disband has not been withdrawn, the charter shall be surrendered and the archives be sent to the Fraternity Headquarters. All remaining assets shall be transferred to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation.”

When the Alumna Relations Specialist learns of an alumnae association’s desire to disband, she should contact the District Director. If the association cannot be revitalized, the Alumna Relations Specialist assists in the following:

1. The association President or a
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The primary reasons cited were too few Kappas in the area, a lack of interest among members, and no one willing to assume the responsibilities of leadership. I have received no information or correspondence indicating a change of attitude or opinion concerning the situation.

Fraternity Council has established guidelines by which this dissolution can take place. I am writing to all paid members of the association and other Kappas who reside within the area to seek their opinions concerning disbanding. Please fill out the form on the bottom of the page and return it to me no later than

Responses not received by the due date will be counted as a vote in the affirmative to disband.

It is with sadness that I send this letter. However, I understand that times and situations change through the years. I hope that this letter will make you stop and think what Kappa meant to you as a collegian and what it has meant to you as an alumna. If you would like to continue the relationship of sisterhood in your area, you could actively participate in the revitalization of the association by presenting a renewed interest and great enthusiasm. In any event, I trust that each of you will remain loyal and faithful

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