Kapu Aloha Research Paper

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Aloha ‘Aina, meaning to love and respect the land. Malama ka ‘aina, to take care of the land in which takes care of you. I was born and raised into a Hawaiian family and home who are very passionate in the Hawaiian culture and traditions and is very strong into aloha ‘aina patriotism. Our hearts, mind, soul and mission are to protect, preserve and perpetuate the Hawaiian culture, traditions and our natural resources. 73 Today Hawaiians stand in kapu aloha, meaning strictly peaceful, we know now today you can’t fight for peace you have to peace for peace, meaning to be peaceful in order to receive peace. Kapu aloha is scrupulously well organized and proud to represent the people and the aina we live on and are careful to keep the natural resources…show more content…
Our stance is not against the science, or the telescope itself, it’s against their choice of place. There are many reasons why the 150 million dollar telescope should not be built but there’s one reason why it absolutely cannot be built. Stated by Dr. David Keanu Sai, “This is not the state of Hawai’i, this is in fact and continues to be the Kingdom of Hawai’i, and so all these contracts that the state is negotiating with TMT and their affiliated companies are infact void. Because the state does not exist under law. What we have here is the continued illegal occupation for 122 years now. Were not advocating telescopes can’t be built on the mauna, but we’re advocating is if you do build a telescope on the mauna, do it according to the law. Everything that has been done on Mauna Kea is in direct violation of international law and the laws of occupation, it’s the Hawaiian government, its nationals, its agencies that make that decision, not a foreign entity or illegal
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