Overcoming My Passion Essay

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Each person has a choice in how they see the world. Those who choose to base their lives on doubt, choose to limit their ability to experience the diverse opportunities the world has to offer them. Focusing on the fear of failure keeps them from seeing the possibility of positive outcomes. It is human nature to want to feel good about ourselves and avoid embarrassment and rejection. In reality, few people can boast of only successes and it is only those who can overcome their self-doubt and try something new that can learn and grow. Successful people build a philosophy of life based on courage not doubt. Only courage allows you to try without fear of failure. The most distinct example that comes to mind when I think about overcoming…show more content…
Last year marked the start of playing field hockey in high school. I have always loved the sport with a passion; it was something that my friends and I could enjoy together. Freshman season was enjoyable. Sophomore season, however, I found to be a lot more of a challenge. I worked so hard to make varsity that year; I knew that I was already at a disadvantage given that many of my other teammates played hockey year round. When I met with my coach for the announcement of teams, I was overjoyed to hear that I had a part-time spot on the varsity team. My joy quickly faded as the season began. Each practice I worked tirelessly to earn playing time only to be rewarded by spending each game on the bench. This quickly began to discourage me, even to the point of wanting to quit the sport I loved. One day after practice my assistant coach pulled me aside. She said she had noticed how driven I was at the beginning of the season and while I might have thought no one noticed, she, in fact, did. She said if I worked how I did at the beginning of the season, I would begin to see repercussions. I changed my attitude and worked harder and even went to the field and practiced extra. I did end up seeing more playing time, still not much, but I finished out the season knowing I put all my effort into the game and I still to this day couldn't care less that I didn’t
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