Reaction Paper About The Karate Kid

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The karate kid is about a young boy named Dre that moves to china with his mother. Only being there for a couple days these boys start to bully him. Then that when Jackie Chan stands up for Dre. So Jackie Chan shows him how to fight in Kung Fu. At the end of the movie he has a Kung Fu match with his bully and ends up victorious. The direction is in front view showing the main character by blurring out the other characters. The movement was pan left showing the reaction of the coach then cuts to the crowd’s reaction. The sound was very dramatic with the crowd screaming. Then goes silent but you can still hear the crowd screaming. Most of the background was the guy in the purple collar shirt is in the background. The coach from the other…show more content…
In the movie cyberbully this girl name Samantha gets jealous of this girl named Taylor because she starts to talk to this guy that she don’t like so she goes online and makes a fake profile. Starts saying Taylor sleep with this guy and gave him a STD. In karate kid Dre Gets bully because Dre is taking their girl away from them. The emotion I went through was that I was happy for Dre to show them that he can defend himself without anyone defending him. That they both go through bullying and end up victorious. I learn from the movie is that not to underestimate anybody even if they leave a different life than you. The element that I was unfamiliar was when Jackie Chan was crying about his wife and kid because I didn't really know what happened to them. I was familiar with the training they had to go through so they can prepare for the final fight. The karate kid was directed by Harald Zwart and the other films he was known for was the pink panther 2, Hamilton, and agent code bank 2. The scenes I had was the ending scenes showing Dre victory and him earning respect from the other coach team. The element made it memorable by showing how hard you work for something you will receive a positive ending. The dramatic part was when they got jealous of Dre flirting with this girl they liked. It was expressive by showing the characters had to go through tile the final
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