The Karate Movie Analysis

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The karate is a movie about facing challenges in life and luring how to defeat them in a positive way. For example if someone was making fun of you or someone you care about what would you do? Would you beat that person up or would you try to solve the problem without violence? Using Violence it not the right way to solve a problem. Just simply being the better person who chooses to not use violence makes you a winner.
Foreground it the mate with white and black, drew it the middle ground and the people in the background are the audience. Dre is at eye level angle with the camera and the audience are a little below eye level. The camera is medium distance away from Dre and long distance for the audience, the white part of the mat is close up
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I feel like I relate more to him than any other character because we got to see the big challenges he faced in the movie and what he did to move on and how he kept getting back up after all those times he fail. He reminds me of times when I had to face big challenges and I never gave up even if I was getting hurt.
Something familiar about the plot was the fighting in the movie, there are other fighting movies similar to karate kid the ways they fight. Also the movie the karate kid remind me of was kung Fu panda because both movies have to deal with kung Fu and both movies at first the main character was not good at fighting and then became really good after they were taught by their master.
Something new and unfamiliar about the movie was they was the bad teacher was teaching his students how to fight and the way he treated them. He made his students beat each other and how he would also hit his students. I experience sad emotions because I thought it was really messed up how a group of kids didn 't like Dre and just because of that they would bully him and beat him up without letting him have a chance to defend himself. The movie made me realize that when people are new to a school or to a new place it can make them feel like they don 't fit in. it is important to welcome then so we can make the other person feel better. It made me realize that some people have problems that other persons don 't see and people should not make others
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