Kardio Kick: Motivation Essay

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On September 28, 2006 at 4:00 pm, I participated in a Kardio Kick aerobics group class instructed by Ron Dukes and located held in Room 2005 of the Student Recreation Center. Kardio Kick is a high intensity cardiovascular workout that intertwines kickboxing with cross-training techniques. Throughout, the workout you perform various kicks, punches, and combinations. The workout is very challenging, however, the instructor used several different techniques to keep the participants motivated. The motivation techniques that he used was high energy music, enthusiasm, positive feedback, and corrective feedback. The instructor would provide positive feedback by smiling and giving individuals thumps up when they are performing the exercise properly and at the right intensity. The instructor also walking around and correct individuals who were not doing the exercise properly and encourage them as well as everyone else to push harder. The frequency of the class is that it is only held once a week, in which is not the…show more content…
The instructor shows the participants a few exercises that all are a part of the combination move, this allows the participant to get the use to the moves and really succeed when it’s time together. Another benefit of the class format is that it alternated between high intensity moves and a bit lower intensity moves, this allows the participants to recover without stopping and it also help retain their energy for the rest of the workout. This workout benefited my aerobic fitness because it challenges my resistance and encourage me to continue even when I thought I had nothing left to give. Throughout the workout, I had found a pattern of breathing that allowed me to pull out more strength and to power through the high intense moves. I think the most significant benefit to my aerobic fitness is that I gained the mindset that I can continue even when my body wants to
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