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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was one of the famous basketball player in the late 1900’s. He was born on April 16, 1947 I New-York. His Former name was Ferdinand Lew Alcindor. He Grew Up in Harlem New York. He Was also the only child. He was named after his father Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Sr. He is very active young man during school. He did a couple sports including baseball, ice skating and swimming. As you see he is a very active person. The Main Sport he was focused on and also was very passionate about was basketball. This is where all history starts. Could You Believe he was about 7’2. No wonder why he was such a Good basketball player. After The age of 9 he was roughly 5’8. Time went fast just like his height. He Begun playing sports but once he realizes basketball was the sport he wanted to play he pushed himself…show more content…
He was one of many to be put in the wall of fame for his talent. It is very unbelievable that he is still active but he retired his basketball career. He also is still currently alive and making the best of his life. Two years in a row the Milwaukee Bucks selected Kareem to be on their team. He quickly understood the way pro-gaming was played. He was named Rookie of the year. The next season his team finished the season 66-16 and flew through the playoffs. He also won an award called “Most Valuable Player Award”. He also received the first MVP honors during his long career. His career with the Milwaukee Bucks slowly faded away. His new spot was the Lakers. LAKERS? Did you say LAKERS? Oh yeah he was on the Lakers. He didn’t feel happy anymore being on the Milwaukee. So he went to a better teams and continued his career there. Being in another environment another team made him more excited and made him try more. Could you believe no NBA player made his record, nor scored as many points also block more shot? He Reached 34,000 at one point before his career

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