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Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr. more likely know as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, was born April 16, 1947 in Harlem, New York City. Jabbar is most known for being an American retired professional basketball player. He played 20 seasons in the NBA for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar used his athletic ability with his scholastic capability, friendships with his fellow men, and dedication to his Muslim faith that assisted him on and off the basketball court. Kareem began life as a large baby, weighing thirteen pounds and was twenty-two and a half inches long. Kareem was an only child and came from a simple household with his mother (Cora Alcindor) being a price checker and his dad (Lewis Sr.) being a prison officer. Kareem’s parents, originally from Trinidad, weren’t as affectionate as most parents, but still wanted the best social, physical and educational development for him. Since, Kareem’s parents were Catholics, they sent him to St. Jude’s Elementary School for his behavior and education.
St. Jude’s is where Kareem learned how to use his height to perfect his hook shot, which he’s famous for. Kareem wore the number 33 on his jersey was in the seventh grade and he kept that same number until the day he retired. Kareem later attended high school at Power Memorial Academy. As a sophomore, Jabbar led his team to 27 straight victories
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Kareem converted to the Islam religion because he stated that he was latching on to something that was part of his heritage. Alcindor learned his Islam teachings from Hamas Abdul Khaalis, a founder of the Hanafi Madhhab in Washington, D.C. Kareem he followed the teachings of Abdul Khaalis closely. It was by him that Jabbar was given the name Abdul Kareem, later changed to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, meaning "noble servant of the powerful one., thought he did not begin publicly using his Arabic name until
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