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Comparing myself to Kareem Kennedy would be like comparing apples to oranges or dogs to cats. In the book, “Aunt Alice vs. Bob Marley” Kennedy tells the story of him being raised in the Seventh Ward of New Orleans and how he overcame the struggles. He and I have few similarities, but many differences. To some degree, we had similar childhoods, yet I overall made smarter and wiser decisions than Kennedy. Not only are our personalities much different, still our decision making skills are nowhere near similar. From an early age he began making poor choices that really damaged his life.
The only few situations in my life that considerably relate to Kennedy’s are based on his and my family. We each had another family member step in for absent parental figures. Kareem’s mother and father were
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I believe she is the main reason for that. She nevermore wanted to see me in the same situation as other family members, as a result she pushed me to make good grades, expecting nothing less than a B. Without exception, she wanted me to strive to be the best I could be in any sport or activity I participated in. Throughout my life, I have had three events take place that have forever left a mark on my life. When I was ten, my uncle was in a horrific wreck. He only had a fifteen percent chance of living and by some revelation he managed to pull through. This changed my life because on one hand it reminded me of how easily life can be taken away, but on the other hand it showed me how true miracles work. Another one was this summer when I traveled to Europe for three weeks. It was the most incredible experience! It opened my eyes to new cultures and new ways of thinking. My most recent event would definitely be college. I moved to New Orleans from Shreveport not knowing anyone. It was a very drastic change, but I honestly love every second of this new
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