Kareem Wayne Character Analysis

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Kareem Wayne is a young vivacious 12 year old boy living in Brooklyn, New York. He attends Park Place Community Middle school . Kareem was born in New Amsterdam, Guyana and moved to the United States when he was six years old. Consequently, Kareem speaks three varieties of the English language. These include his mother tongue Guyanese Creole and his later development of the African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) and the Standardized American English because of the move. There is not much Cultural diversity in this school explained Kareem. His school has 90 percent colored kids that speaks mostly AAVE. He recalls snippets of conversations with his friends of the countless times he used ‘watchu talkin bout’, ‘why you awways lyin’, ‘wassup…show more content…
Though Kareem moved from Guyana at a very young age, he explains that he is more comfortable with the Guyanese Creole than the other varieties. This may be true because Guyanese Creole is used predominantly in his household. Not only does Kareem’s language change with the places he is or whom surrounds him, but also when he is being recorded and interviewed. Herbert Sulker, my grandfather is in his late 60s. He works as a Super Intendant in Brooklyn, NY. Herbert moved from his birthplace, New Amsterdam Guyana from the age of 34 to Brooklyn NY. Similar to Kareem, Herbert also speaks three varieties of the English language. These include Guyanese Creole, AAVE and the Standardized…show more content…
It is important to speak the dominant language and to be clear as possible, in order to not be misunderstood. Herbert reveals after being a part of the United States just as equally as in Guyana, he only code switches with his Guyanese Compadres or at home with family members. He prefers to speak the Standard English, so he is not characterized as less competent. “They listen closely, it determines your importance…das why they teach it in school” (Sulker). Herbert believes that it is very important to learn Standard English in comparison to the other variations of English. “You can do without the varieties of English, but you cannot do without learning Standard English” (Sulker). The most important details in one’s life surround Standard English. It is important in School, work and raising children to communicate in Standard English. Though Guyanese Creole and AAVE is not a necessity, Herbert clarifies that it does provide its community with a fulfilling culture that Standard English may lack. These varieties of English are used amongst people to bond, to tell a joke or to
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