Karehka Ramey Use Of Technology Analysis

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Relationships and Technology: Sidetracking From Reality Americans today tend to believe that cell phones have saved us and made our life so much better , but what they don’t know is that cells phones have actually hurt us. People use their phone way too much and don’t pay attention to the important things anymore. You would think that now that we have smartphones people would use them in a smart way but many people don’t. A large number of people are on their phones focused on the wrong things that they forget about the important things. For this reason students begin to get lower grades or some adults are focused on their phones and don’t pay attention to their job. To begin, people use their phone way too much and don’t pay attention to the important things. In making this comment Karehka Ramey argues in her article “ Use Of Technology” she states that communication has become so easy now all you need to do is download apps to talk to friends for free. Personally I have used an app to communicate with one of my close friend that moved to Mexico and we have not lost touch thanks to our cell phone. In addition Technology has simplified communication.…show more content…
If we need something or have a question that can’t be answered we can simply go on Google and it will answer it right away. If we didn’t have that type of access it would be a bit harder for us to find information quicker. In the article “List Of Pros And Cons Of Technology” states that technology has made a big impact on education. The author in the article claims now that we have smartphones it is easier for students to look up a question just by using online sources. In short this is another reason why cell phones are important in our
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