Karen Bigelow Eulogy

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I am Carter Davis Burke, and I 'm not here to tell my story, I 'm here to tell my Grammys story. Karen Bigelow was born in 1945 and lived a normal life in a world recovering from world war two. Years went by as Karen got older, she started liking boy just like every teenager, but she was different in one way she got pregnant at age 16. Unlike now in the 60s that was not accepted. She got married and dropped out of school because that 's what people did. At age 17 Karen was now a mother of a child it was life changing for her, her parents did not shun her like other parents in the 60s did. When Karen first saw her baby she thought it was very small, but in reality was 8lbs and 6on which is pretty big for a baby. She loved her new child which is also my Aunt, Becky. After her baby her friends treated her no different because she just moved to a new school…show more content…
Mitch had two flaws to him, drinking and smoking, even though Karen loved him very much she did not love this Karen told Mitch she did not want to be in a relationship where he would smoke and drink. Mitch loved Karen to but he didn’t want to not smoke or drink for the rest of his life. So both of them departed ways. Both of their kids were either in College or living their life. Karen was alone except for her friends and family she was alone but this did not affect her she was a strong women who could care for herself, well also taking care of others. Karen volunteered in many different things like charities and helping the sick and for her job she kept running Fast Copy before Mitch and Karen both decided to sell Fast Copy so that they didn’t both need to take care of it. As Karen got old her children started having kids and she would help her community take care of others, help people. And then she got a text from her child Robyn telling her over text, Carter has to do a interview on someone 's story I that you would be great. Leading us to now were I am sitting in my room typing this and she’s happy and
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