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Karen Chen Biography Have you ever felt the wind whipping your face as you whiz along the frigid ice, with thousands of people watching your every move? This amazing young woman has, and her name is Karen Chen. Coming from a Taiwanese family that moved to the United States a few years before she was born, Karen Chen has roots in many unique traditions. Having a very young start in her career, Karen Chen was well suited to perform in the Olympics. She started skating when she was around four years old. She was born in Fremont, California on Aug 16, 1999. One example of Karen Chen’s skating excellence is that even by the seventh grade, she was being homeschooled, in order for her to dedicate more of her time to figure skating. When she went to public school, Karen would have to wake up at four in the morning, go to the skating rink, rush back and then travel to school in a few hours. In an interview, Chen was recorded as saying that her biggest competition was herself. In addition, Karen Chen’s dedication to her favorite sport is that she spends at least four hours every day to become a better skater. Consequently, Chen is an amazing skater and a very significant part of the skating world. Along with skating, Chen loves to create different styles of art, including painting. Also, Karen Chen loves to travel the world, which makes it easy because she is required to go to many different…show more content…
Karen Chen has shown the United States and the world that young women are able to do great things, in athletics and education. We can learn many things from Chen, including that in order for you to succeed, you need to put in time and effort. She also taught many people that you should believe in yourself because we are often our greatest competition. An extraordinary young woman, a skater well beyond her years, and a symbol to the women of the world, Karen Chen is sure to transform the skating

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