Karen Moody Essay

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As Moody was growing up, she saw a lot of suppression and discrimination towards the African American community. However, Moody took a few years to recognize what was occurring around her because her mother wished to protect her children from the harsh reality. Moody, being a very questioning child, constantly asked her mother for knowledge on various things she would pick up in school or on the streets. Like when she realized there was an organization that was fighting against the white supremacists, however, her mother scolded her and stated “’don’t you ever mention the word around Mrs. Burke or no other white person’” (Moody 133). As Moody grew older and reach her teenage years, she constantly revolved against society. She also became angrier by the older generation like her mother, because they did not wish to challenge the system. The old generation reached a state…show more content…
Samuel O’Quinn become a member of the NAACP and he came to Moody’s area to organize the people so they can fight for their civil rights. However, Quinn became a victim to a hate crime, where one of the people within his group spoke to the white supremacists who were conducting the killings. His death caused Moody to be enraged with everyone. “I hated myself and every Negro in Centreville for not putting a stop to killings or at least putting up a fight to an attempt to stop them. I thought of waging a war in protest against the killings all by myself, if no one else would help” (Moody 202-203). She did not realize it then but she was starting to form a fire within her. She wanted to fight against society and ensure hate crimes like Samuel O’Quinn do not occur again. Later in life, she recognized that these various events helped her to reach where she is but a lot of blood, sweat and tears occurred in her past in order to be determined enough to become a civil rights
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