Karen Palmer Chamberlain Research Paper

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The biography of my grandma Karen Palmer Chamberlain. First of all let’s find out how I’m related to her. I’m the daughter of her second youngest kid Mendy. Second of all let’s get to know about her and her lifetime. She is the daughter of her father Vernice Lyle Palmer and her mother Rowena Behrmann. She was born in Durango, Colorado. Also she was born on July 13, 1942. She now is a resident in Saint George, Utah. She has two brothers; Martin the oldest and Bruce the youngest. In her life the jobs she’s had were: housewife; waitress; commissary manager; bus driver; city bus driver; shuttle bus driver; delivered meals on wheels; cab driver, and CDS (sales representative). The earliest memory she remembers is when she was one and a half years
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