Karl Benz Research Paper

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The Invention of the Automobile Introduction Did you know about 95% of Americans own a car? But in 1886 Karl Benz built the first gas-powered automobile in 1885. From walking almost everywhere, the invention made transportation easier. Even today, his idea is appreciated, and in 1886 the car was introduced. The Old Transportation On January 29 1886, Karl Benz, a German inventor who announced the first gasoline-powered automobile, but before people walked, and used animal labor like horses, donkeys, and mules. It was hard because the weather wouldn 't always cooperate. If it was raining, you have to deal with the struggles the rain gave you. The car changed people 's lives by improving transportation. During the Making Even before Karl 's car, there were others. Like the electric and steam car. But Karl decided to upgrade their ideas. Even though Karl mostly built the car for more income for his businesses, he also wanted to improve people 's lives. According to Karl has stated, "My first costumer was a lunatic. My second had a death wish." This shows that people were enthusiastic about Karl 's creation at first, and then people were afraid of it. But now, it grew on us. Also,…show more content…
Berta Benz getting ready for her big trip. How has the Automobile Helped Us Today? Eventually, the car that was just a thought, became real. The automobile gave us things like new jobs. For example, gas stations and auto repair shops. Now, most of United State citizens own cars, and it wouldn 't have been possible without the brave people who invented the automobile. Conclusion The invention of the automobile transformed people 's lives. It changed our ways of transportation so much so that we use them about everyday. Our technology is only getting better and soon enough the car will be tweaked and more superior than now. Today 's jobs and economy are impacted by cars. If the automobile was never built, our lives would be dramatically different
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