Karl Marx Alienation Essay

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Karl Marx was a German historian, philosopher and economist. He said that whole society falls apart into two class property owners and propertyless workers. He introduced the four types of alienation (product, process, species-being and other people). The three types of alienation that I choose are product, process and species- being. I will talk about these topics from my dad’s experience in the workforce. By profession, he is a truck driver. My dad is kind of agree with Marx’s idea of alienation in the workforce.
The first type of alienation product that I will be talking about is the alienation of the product. Product means that a worker is producing something and from their labour works the owners are getting richer. For example, my dad has to deliver the product at the right time right
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For example, my dad has to wake up early because his company told him that he has to deliver the load at the right moment that the owner told them. He has to agree with his company conditions. At that moment, my dad has a different personality compared to the personality that he has at home with us. “The worker therefore only feel himself outside his work, and in his work feels outside himself. He feels at home when he is not working, and when he is working he does not feel at home. His labour is therefore not voluntary, but coerced; it is forced labour”. I think that Marx wants to prove that the workplace should be home for you, because it gives you happiness, but if you are not happy with your work, then it will look like that you are in a kind of jail that you don’t want to enter in your whole life and that is what Marx said that worker feels in the workplace that they do not belong to this place. In the text, it says that you become a machine that 's being manipulated by a boss, then it means that you are being a cog in the machine, because, for your boss, you are just an object that has to work for
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