Karl Marx And Communism Analysis

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Marx saw capital and liberal democracies as the fundamental reasons for the low standards of living and the low social conditions of workers. Karl Marx in particular is especially concerned with the political assumptions behind these two ideologies. According to him, these two types of government should be replaced by communism, since communism would provide for a more equal and socially just society. Although this statement may seem unusual, since we tend to associate communism with Stalin and China, the type of communism implemented in these countries is different from the communism that Marx and Engels envisaged in their Communist Manifesto. Marx and Engels’ vision of communism is based on the principle of equality among the people and freedom…show more content…
Men are guided by self-interest and so they will always pursue their own benefits first, and they will help others only if it is in their convenience. Marx states that men cooperate naturally through “social power”, but this power can also lead men to fight, since individuals that have different ideas will tend to argue with each other. Marx also talks about the power of the people, which is one of the principles on which democracy is founded. However, people do not always know what is best for them and for the society as a whole since, in order to govern, you do not need only experience, but you also need political and economic knowledge. People’s power would be good initially, but as soon as the first problems emerge then a community would not be able to efficiently decide on the best course of action. When problems develop, people will try to solve them according to their own interests, so there will be the necessity of a supranational authority which creates new laws and then executes them. Without such authority, the community would not be able to come to an agreement and especially they would not be able to enforce the laws. Marx’s communism does not take into account also immigration. In conclusion, communism as described by Marx would represent a perfect type of government, where the citizens have the power, and where everybody is equal. However, this does not represent the truth. Men are driven by self-interest and more important by the desire to make profits, and these conflicts with the principles described by Marx. Societies should also be based on meritocracy, where the best individuals will have the best opportunities and also the best chances to succeed. Although capitalism may seem to stretch this concept, since only capitalists and landowners have this right, in our days, many people can have better chances than what their natural condition was. Moreover, governments

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