Karl Marx Anti Semitism

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Josh Weizel Research paper on Anti-Semitism. In order to study anti-Semitism from the medieval ages to the present time we must understand the reason of hatred that comes from the human mind. Throughout history humankind has been prone to coming up scapegoats and individuals to blame for their problems of the existing society. The Jews in particular have been accused of being scapegoats all thought history. Anti-Semitism is the hatred that has existed through history that is most profound and unique. Although anti-Semitism has changed in nature and explanation over time there has always been a strong tendency for the Jews being accused of being scapegoats. Jews have been accused of being everything from being socialist and having a revolutionary…show more content…
Christian anti-Semitism contributed to the idea of the Jews being greedy and expletive capitalist. We later saw this anti-Semitism and accusation in the nineteenth century where influential political thinkers like Karl Marx viewed the Jews as capitalist who worshiped money. Karl Marx was nineteenth centery economic phlospher who is well known for writing about the injustices that he perceived to be in the captlist sytem of the day . Karl Marx is well known for writing the communist manifesto . He argued in his pamphlet On the Jewish Question that the jews are not only avartious with money but are instead a secular relagion that makes them truly indffrent in uncaring for higher spiritual purposes . Karl Marx made the point in his Pamflet that “ The Monotheism of the Jew thefore is in reality the polytheism of many needs, a polytheism which makes the lavatory and object of divine law Practical need egoism is the principle of civil and as such appears in pure form as soon as civil society has given birth to the political state “. (Marx)56-71 The god of pratical need and self intrest is money “. Karl Marx went on to argue that Jews have no other spiritual purpose by which they go throgth their life’s carrying for others but instead they pay attention to and worship money “Money is the zealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist “ (Marx)56-71Money degrades all gods of man and turns them into communities “. (Marx)56-71 Money is the unveriseal self established value of all things “. (Marx)56-71It has thefore robed the world both of man and of nature of its specific value “. (Marx)56-71Money is the estranged essence of mans work and existence , and this alien essence dominates him and he worships it “.

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