Karl Marx Capitalism

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Throughout Karl Marx writings, capitalism is described as one of his major works. He defines capitalism as constantly revolutionizing amongst goods. Marx defines capital as the capitalist mode of production, a form of exchange, and a commodity. Marx asserts that the exchange of commodities is the beginning point of capitol. One other thing that Marx points out is the importance of money to capitol. In Marx’s writings he explains the difference of money as money and money as capitol. Another thing Marx describes in his writings is labor being an essential part of capitol. One thing labor leads to is valorization which is the process through which one starts with money and ends up with more money. This process of valorization leads to surplus…show more content…
When money was first introduced, it was used as an object to facilitate trade amongst individuals. Capital depends on money because the capitalist’s number one desire is to accumulate the most money he or she can. Marx describes a difference between money being described as money and money being described as capitol. Marx states The first distinction between money being described as money and money being descried as capitol is nothing more than a difference in their form of circulation. The direct form of circulation of commodities is C-M-C, the transformation of commodities into money and the re-conversion of money into commodities, selling in order to buy but alongside this form, which is quite distinct from the first: M-C-M, the transformation of money into other commodities, and the reconversion of commodities into money, buying in order to sell. Marx is asserting that money is being transformed into capitol. Also Marx asserts that money is required in capital because people use money to purchase a commodity. Without money, people would have to turn to the other form of production. At the end of Chapter 4: The General Form of Capitol, Marx asserts that M-C-M’ is the major formula for capitol. This point illustrates that without money and commodities, capitol would not…show more content…
Marx argues that overproduction is one of the seeds to the destruction of capitalism. Marx writes “There will be no more crises; the expanded production, which for the present order of society is overproduction and hence a prevailing cause of misery.” In this quote Marx is saying that overproduction will lead to instabilities and insecurities in capitalism. Marx argues that because of capitalism, an endless amount of commodities would enter into the production market leading to over production. Ultimately the production market reaches a snapping point as it becomes swamped by commodities that will not be able to be sold in the production market; which is why over production is a seed of destruction of capitalism. Throughout Karl Marx writings he describes the mode of production called capitalism. In his writings, Marx is fascinated with capitalism. He asserts that some vital parts of capitalism are money, labor and commodities. The production of commodities due to labor leads to surplus value. In the Communist Manifesto, Marx asserts that one thing that will eventually destroy capitalism is the over production of commodities. Even though Marx was fascinated by capitalism, he asserts that it would ultimately fail as a mode of
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