Karl Marx's Conflict Theory: A Major Cause Of War

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With the lack of power, one major cause of war is conflict theory. Conflict theory made by Karl Max is a theory that claims that society is in a situation where perpetual conflict emerges due to the unequally divided resources triggered by competition. Conflict theory has been used in many ways to explain a range of social problems such as war, poverty, human trafficking and much more. Marx also defines conflict theory as the focus point between different classes specifically two (the wealthy and the poor). This theory (conflict theory) brought capitalism alienates humans that came from their species being and the true human potential. In the 19th century when time was defined as a radical inequality with a lot of technological and political changes in Europe. Marx was thinking of only one question to answer and that was freedom. However, he later found out that once we succeeded freedom, we would get tangled up again in another problem. One of the major problems was the unequal divided resources and that the bourgeoisie would get the most resources while the proletariat would not. Marx defined as the bourgeoise as the upper class and rich with power while the proletariats were works with little to no power. This led to a result of conflict since there was an unfairness with the two different classes and how one is more overpowered than the other. Eventually, this led to a war in most cases. A good example to back up this theory was “The Second Sino-Japanese War” in 1937

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