Social Benefits Of Religion

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Critique to the Social Benefits of Religion.
Religion has been criticized by many on various grounds. And most of these criticisms are from scientists who are mostly atheists or agnostics. Karl Marx leads the pack of the critique of religion with his famous phrase “Religion is the opium of the people”5. According to Karl Marx religion provides artificial or illusory happiness to the masses, and leaves man underdeveloped and enslaved. Religion to him is nothing but a tool of suppression, and oppression established by the state to keep the masses under check, or control. It is a tool of governance employed by the capitalist (bourgeois) who are bent on exploiting and manipulating the masses (proletariats). Religion helps man to accept the status
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Simply because you do not understand the things which are not empirically observable does not rule out the fact that it is non-existent, and hence irrelevant. Everything cannot be subjected to empirical observation, and analysis. This notion of religion and its importance in the society is totally bias and narrow minded, even love cannot be scientifically verified yet the atheists and scientists profess love to their loved ones. Most problems that religion is having emanated from man’s manipulation, and misinterpretation of religion, and its doctrines in order to serve his own selfish interest or…show more content…
Religion has helped man in gaining a better, and a much deeper understanding as to the mysteries underlying the universe. It provides man the platform to develop a relationship with something outside of him, be it something sacred, or mere humans. It has helped in shaping the manner in which man relates to the people around him and his environment. It provides rules and regulations which guide the actions and inactions of man. Succinctly put, religion is of paramount importance to man and the society as it helps differentiate man from animals; gives man a deeper insight about his essence and purpose. It helps man become a better person which in turn betters the society as well. It promotes mental peace, socialization, welfare, virtues, solidarity and self confidence. On a final note, religion from the above discussion is a central element in the life of civilization. It has been a propagator of basic values and ethical codes which provides cohesion to society and integration to
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